About - Shawn Patrick Anderson
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Shawn Patrick Anderson began his career designing sets for the puppet cast of PBS’s Emmy-winning show “Between The Lions.” He next moved into designing sets for editorial and commercial clients, with an emphasis on celebrity work. In 2010, he moved his working studio space from the Brooklyn Navy Yard down the block to Williamsburg, and opened ACME Studio, a one-of-a-kind photo studio, prop house, and set design shop.


He is the designer of the celebrated Peekamoose Restaurant in Big Indian, New York. A ten-time attendee of Burning Man, he has been a proud part of the Acavallo carousel project since its inception. Shawn has a fine art degree in painting from SVA, and in his free time works on painting and sculpture. He lives in the East Village. He continues to wonder who let those dogs out.

Shawn Patrick Anderson